How does the “Make Contest” software work?

“Make Contest” is contest software for creating your own design contest site just like in minutes.

A design contest site is a marketplace where customers can run a “design contest” and designers can compete for a prize by submitting their work.

Step 1: Contest Holder describes his needs.

The customer (or, as we call him, the Contest Holder) registers at your site to launch a contest.

Launching a contest is quite simple with the “Make Contest” software: all the Contest Holder needs to do is to describe his needs and set the prize to be paid to the winning designer. This can be one prize or multiple prizes, depending on your site’s settings.

Different contest enhancement options are available: private contest (hidden from search engines), bold listing title, highlighted listing, urgent contest. You, as a site administrator, decide if those options are free or at additional cost, and set a fee for each at the back end.

Step 2: Contest payment

Depending on your site’s settings, the Contest Holder will be faced with either or both of the following options:

  1. Prepay contest prizes and any related fees, or
  2. Specify which payment agents will be used to pay the designer directly and launch the contest without payment.

You, as a site administrator, can chose which options will be available on your site.

Step 3: Holding a contest

The contest is now open, and designers can submit their work. To guarantee the best result for the Contest Holder, it is recommended that he or she stays engaged throughout the whole process. The “Make Contest” software provides Contest Holders and Designers with a number of tools to communicate: ratings, a private messaging system, notifications, comments, and more.

Step 4: Choosing a contest winner

At the completion of the design contest, the Contest Holder will choose one or more winning design(s).

If the contest was prepaid by the Contest Holder, it means that you, as a site administrator, have received the payment already. You can transfer the cash to the winners at any convenient time and according to your site terms and conditions. You can set a commission that will be taken from each winning design, and this will automatically be deducted before the money is transferred to the winners.

If the contest was not prepaid, it is between the Contest Holder and the Designer to settle the payment directly.

Step 5: Receiving designs

Once the Designer is chosen as a winner, he needs to agree to the “Design transfer agreement” and accept the prize. Once this is done, the Designer can transfer the files, along with copyright to the original artwork.